Ready, Set, Plan!

A mission, a passion and a funding plan: all three are necessary for your nonprofit to make its biggest impact. Most start with the mission and passion. But when it comes to funding plans, the idea can be daunting. Often, sponsorship is either forgotten or used as a last-minute method to get funded fast.

Polzin Communications moves sponsorship to a strategic approach, building the infrastructure needed to leverage your time commitment and move sponsors from one-off to annual or multi-year commitments. We’ll assess the skills and resources that have already been developed and help you decide what needs to be in place for greatest success.

Funding plans take into consideration:

  • Are you ready to attract and steward sponsors?
  • Which sponsorship suspects make the best prospects?
  • What assets will you always/sometimes/never allow sponsors to leverage?
  • Is your sponsorship policy up to date?
  • How can your sponsorship proposal stand out from the crowd?
  • Are you ready to move sponsors from one-time funders to annual or multi-year fans?

It’s my mission to help you fund yours.