Building Momentum

The Midwest Dairy Council

In Brief
Midwest Dairy was previously a grant-maker for health and wellness programs, but had no experience with fundraising. To keep Fuel Up to Play 60 momentum going, Midwest Dairy works with Polzin Communications, to:

  • Communicate a compelling case for support, backed by research and evaluation;
  • Establish and implement a development plan;
  • Research and prioritize prospective partners and funders;
  • Establish an innovative media partnership that raises both awareness and funds;
  • Secure initial grant funding; and
  • Continue to present the program to an expanding audience of supporters.

Midwest Dairy continues to transition Fuel Up to Play 60 school funds from the dairy farmers who fund program development to the community partners who help schools overcome barriers and celebrate successes. Students are the overwhelming winners, because they’re making sustainable changes – taking action for themselves and their peers to build a healthier future.

The Bigger Picture
The 10-state Midwest Dairy Council helped pioneer a national movement to help combat child obesity. Midwest Dairy invested extensive time and resources to help the National Dairy Council and National Football League research solutions, develop and pilot test an in-school program that empowers students to take charge of healthy eating and physical activity.